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    ChineseEnglish|Alibaba|Favorite|Sethome Welcome To Yueqing Bincheng Electronics Co.,Ltd.!
    BNCHG Hotline0577-62367192
    Innovation is power, Quality is enterprise life
    BNCHG HotLine


    ADD: Sitang Industrial Zone, Qingjiang Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province 325611 China

    TEL: 0086-577-62367192 623571922

    TEL: 0086-577-62271801 62271802

    FAX: 0086-577-62351985 62271831

    E-MAIL: bc@bnchg.com bnchg2008@163.com

    Position: Home > ABOUT > News > BNCHG bin became "happy home and happy trip" at the end of 2017
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